Md Mehedi Hasan: Boosting people’s fame on Google and beyond


Meet Md Mehedi Hasan, the man behind the scenes making waves in the world of online fame, better known as Shovon Ahmed. Hailing from Bangladesh, Md Mehedi Hasan is not your average guy – he’s a global Public Relations expert, a genius at creating Google Knowledge Panels, and a master at brand management. Oh, and he’s also the brains behind WikiGenius.

Now, let’s break down Google Knowledge Panels. It’s this cool tool that helps people get noticed on Google. And Md Mehedi Hasan, aka Shovon Ahmed, is like a wizard with it. He crafts positive stories about people and ensures they pop up at the top of Google’s search results.

Curious? Check out his Instagram, where he goes by @ishovonahmed. There, he’s all about “making people famous on Google,” and it’s not just a job – it’s his passion.

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